Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 16

We ended our previous days work by running the climactic ending all the way in one long master and shot as the sun was slowly setting. It was a euphoric moment and provided us with an amazing magic hour master full of energy. Today we finished off some of the first half of the scene and then had to wait for half an hour for the sun to set in order to match the previous days light. It made Henry a little twitchy but we were able to run over to the digital tent and have a look at it all together to try and match what the performers had done the night before. As the clock struck 4:30 we began to put it all together splashing about in our little tidal pool. At the very end of the day we jumped out and ran the entire scene from the very beginning in very wide lens that made the actors look tiny against the massive backdrop of the sea and hulking wreck. It was an incredible end to another amazing week of shooting. The team on this film is mind blowing. Each day makes me realize how lucky I am to be working with such and incredible and dedicated group of film makers.

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