Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 14

With the wind showing no signs of letting up we started our last day on the beach with Anna's dream sequence. We had organized someone to come in for the underwater shot but the surf was too big to shoot at the beach. After finishing up the rest of the land scenes, after lunch, we headed back to the port. A motor-boat was standing by for the penultimate shot of the jocks arrival at the end of the film. I clambered aboard for my cameo with Nick and Thomas and we did a few circles outside of the port for the camera, instantly regretting being in front of the camera instead of behind. I think it's less to do with control issues than the fact that I hadn't fully prepared for my role as the preppy jock. I had forgotten my ray bans! With an hour to left in our day, we raced back to shore and jumped into the water for the hands coming out of the water shot. Henry held our diver's head under while Ali, grabbed her feet, and Anna straddled her. It seemed like an impossible shot to achieve but to our surprise, we managed to pull it off. It looked like some kind of weird performance art and, as they came out of the water, a spontaneous round of applause broke out from the crew and the large assembly of onlookers from the roadway above. Another great day in

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