Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 12

Night two on the beach started slow, everyone a little groggy from the schedule flip. We soon got up to speed and found our groove. Being a saturday the beach was a little busier with lots of curious onlookers. It's an interesting feeling shooting a film like this in a foreign country. You find yourself wondering what they make of us invading their beach. Everyone has been incredibly friendly and welcoming here. There had been discussion early in the pre production about being careful not to offend Tunisian sensibilities. I was cautioned that Tunisia was a somewhat conservative Muslim country. Happily it seems like that hasn't really been an issue. I have found myself incredibly charmed by this country. It has a gentle vibe and there seems to be a genial sense of togetherness of the people, something, that seems to be a little out of reach of us in the more developed countries. In the flurry of shooting, the bustle of London is a distant memory. We are now past the halfway mark and part of me already feels the tinge of melancholy as the reality that this amazing experience will eventually come to an end- but hey, the schedule is still half full so on we go.

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