Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday rest day

It's Sunday and I'm having a slow and lazy beginning of my first day off after finishing our first six incredible days of shooting. Looking back at the week it all seems like a dream. In fact at one point when we were filming on the boat I felt like I was in a movie not directing one. Moments after Henry, our assistant Director called lunch one the crew jumped off the boat. Surfacing, we grinned at each other marvelling at the water, the beach, the beautiful lines of the fiberglass hulled 55 foot sailboat, renamed Persophone for the film, bobbing in the azure water. It was such a relief to finally get into the water and escape the scorching Tunisian sun.

One of my dear friends reminded me before the shoot to make sure that in the maelstrom of production I would from time to time, take a moment and try and enjoy the experience. It was good advice and part of that is creating a blog to share some of the images and excitement of the shoot.

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