Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 10

I had been talking with one of the actors the night before about a monologue he was preparing for later in the shoot. It occurs when one of the characters loses his mind in the woods. We touched on ideas of enlightenment and the notion coming face to face with the void. The thrill of that instance but also the dread and terror of coming face to face with a Goddess who is ultimately the angel of death. Heavy and cool stuff but hard to get a handle on. The next morning as we drove to the location I was listening to some Brian Jonestown Massacre and a song started that seemed to touch on everything We'd talked about. I gave Anthony my ipod and asked him to spend a little time listening to this very cool psychedelic song 'It's inside you'( think that's the title). It was another one of those interesting coincidences that keep occuring.

Today was the last day on the boat so it was a mad scramble to get everything before Tom, Adi and David sail the Santa Paula back to Sardinia. Yes there was blood, smoke and definitely a lot of sweat as we bashed out some of the frantic scary scenes inside the Persephone. David had done a bunch of experiments with various materials for the hot knife scene. After trying hennah, tobacco and various others, we ended up using a crystalized pine resin, that worked quite well. I had to add this photo of me on the Jesus chair. They shoot a lot of religious movies down here in Tunisia. Looking forward to a break from the sun as we shift into nights on the beach for a couple of days.

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