Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 8

Another day shooting inside the Santa Paul moored at the Port of Cap Zbib. We're loosing the boat on Thursday so the race is on to get everything we need before Tom, Adi and David sail back to start another job in Sardinia. Our plans to build the bedroom set changed midway through the shoot so Henry has managed to squeeze in those shots into the week which has turned out to be the best thing but has meant a faster work schedule in the tight confines of the interior. With the sun and the lights beating down through the skylights it's felt a little like a sauna.

With most of the major boat dialogue scenes out of the way it was a wonderful change to work on the more visual narrative moments and scare beats. The combination of the actors performances and Will's lighting is keeping me in a state of complete euphoria. I managed to get some air as I started to hover a little closer to the monitor on the dock with sound and makeup.

We ended our day with a quick survey or our new beach across from the port. We arrived just as the sun was setting after driving through the bustling little town of Ras Jemel. Everyone heading back from the fields and sea as we ventured out to the desolate stretch of rock and sand. Barren yet very beautiful the view out to the open water is exhilerating. As I walked over the scrubby rock I was reminded of where we had originally planned to shoot the film, up in the rocky and windswept landscape of Georgian Bay. I found myself overwhelmed with the uncanny sense that somehow it was meant to be, yet another example of the everpresent sense of ma sa Allah.

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